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, new direction or america risked failure in the war. every in the morning, he heads out to the battle field. he has another way. maps that shows the dangerous turn the war has taken. 2005, the yellow shows pockets of violence. and 2007, most of the country. antwooichb, more than 2,000 afghans killed or wounded. and now the surge with the pressure on general stanley mcchrystal to turn it around immediately. have you done it? have you turned the tide? >> i believe we have done it now. we are ra changed the way we operate and we are on the way to convince the afghan people we are here to protect them. >> 942 beths in afghanistan. 1,000 injuries here. general mccalfry has said that he foresees 400 to 500 casualties per month in the next few month. do americans have to brace themselves for 300 to 0 casualties a month in the months to come? >> i think americans need to understood this will be difficult. i won't predict casualty numbers. but i think it will be a difficult struggle in the months ahead. >> are those unimaginable numbers? >> i don't believe. it's a cost to the families and the
afghanistan, where in a momeabout, we're going to bring you the war you do not see. america's 21st century war. but there is breaking news back home tonight, so let's go straight to new york where george stephanopoulos is standing by. >> there's been a huge earthquake, magnitude 7.0 off the coast of haiti. early reports of extensive damage are coming from the capital, port-au-prince, 700 miles from miami. dan harris has the latest. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine a country less able to cope with a devastating earthquake. the 7.0 quake hit this afternoon about ten miles west of haiti's capital city. according to a photographer on the ground, at least one hospital has collapsed and people are screaming for help. we reached 15-year-old valerie by phone. >> there's a lot of people in the street everywhere, some of wounded. badly wounded. >> reporter: haiti can barely take care of its people under normal circumstances. i was there not long ago and saw how underdeveloped it is with poorly constructed buildings that make people particularly vulnerable to a massive quake. >> i am concerned. we're l
. tonight, a dose of disappointment about jobs in america. two months ago, we seemed to have turned the tide. but today, we learned in december, once again, thousands of workers lost jobs. 85,000 of them. for perspective look, we are much better off than the worst job loss a year ago, but tonight, millions of unemployed are still searching. to the white house for answers, and jake tapper for the response there today. jake? >> reporter: well, diane, the president was hoping for better news, but he and his team were dismayed to learn the nation's un'em mroit rate remains at over 10%. more than 15 million americans out of work. the president today acknowledged the bad numbers, but insted things will get better. >> the rd to recovery is never straight. we have to continue to work every single day to get our economy moving again. >> reporter: among the 85,000 jobs lost, those in manufacturing, construction, retail and real estate were worst hit, but not a surprise. job losses in the postal service and restaurants were not expected. >> we have to continue to explore every avenue to accelerate the
into america's most traditional role. the full-time nonpaying mul multidimensional job of first lady. first, the things she would not change. playtime with her daughters. a white house lawn is still a backyard. date night with her husband. and their life long sparring match. >> if you argue, which one of you has the last word? >> i do. >> this is true. >> reporter: just as interesting, what she did change. for instance, style. younger, freer, signaling she's happy to be michelle. and showing her heart. that day she reached out to the girls at a diverse school in london. >> it is important for the world to know that there are wonderful girls like you all over the world. >> reporter: and the night she reached out to an 82-year-old queen of england. and now, as her first year ends, michelle obama has announced a sworn mission to take on a killer. >> the statistics still never fail to take my breath away. >> reporter: so many young children in america who already show signs of high blood pressure. 1 in 13 teenagers with high cholesterol. >> right now, nearly one-third of children in america are
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, and we are scenes from america racing against the ice. >>> and, the next big thing. wait until you see how your car dashboard is about to run your life. but what will it do to your driving? >>> good evening. with those words, the buck stops here. today, the president took responsibility for the u.s. intelligence failure in the christmas day bomb plot. and he then ordered the nation's 16 intelligence agencies to do what most americans thought they were doing all along. focus, prioritize, share information. so, what is going to change? that's our first question, as we turn to jake tapper at the white house. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, for the second time since 9/11, the president of the united states is directing the intelligence community to do its job better. today, the president was contrite. >> as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: president obama explained the three main findings of the review. one, the u.s. government had sufficient information to disrupt
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the country out of recession. there are nearly 30 million small businesses in america, employing just over half of american workers. and for the past 15 years, they have accounted for two-thirds of the nation's new hires. so, we wanted to know, just how many jobs would each of the president's proposals last night create? experts agree the idea with the greatest potential to create jobs quickly is the tax credit for new hires. depending on the size of the credit, it could add between 500,000 and 1 million jobs in the next year. the next best job creator? the plan to give community banks $30 billion to lend to small businesses. possibly adding 50,000 to 100,000 jobs. but bigger tax breaks for new equipment and eliminating the capital gains tax on small business are expected to create very few jobs, just 10,000 to 20,000. but economists say the exact number of jobs created will depend on what congress is willing to spend. >> the things being equal, the larger the tax cuts, the more the jobs. >> reporter: as for small business owners, we heard mixed reviews today. kevin kelly, who runs emerald
that these are the forces the u.s. is now depending on to help keep america safe from al qaeda terrorists. we were invited to take a front row seat by the general who commands the security forces, yaheh saleh. remembering similar scenes from many years ago, with the fledgling iraqi security force that was out of uniform and out of sync, these forces seemed professional and more motivated than most. and brigadier general saleh, the american-educated nephew of yemen's president, gave a fiery speech. "we will sacrifice our blood and souls to fight al qaeda," he said. al qaeda first used yemen to launch attacks against the u.s. in october of 2000 when suicide bombers rammed a speedboat packed with explosives into the "uss cole" killing 17 sailors. after that bombing here in the port of aden, the yemeni government was fairly successful in its counterterrorism efforts with the help ofhe u.s. and today, they are once again getting help. you are getting more u.s. trainers? >> every time things getting worse, we get support more. >> reporter: u.s. special forces are providing the training, but drones are providing
the country -- >> i'll give you back america. god bless you all. >> reporter: he was also allegedly engaged in feverish behind the scenes negotiations to have his campaign aide, andrew young, say that he was the father of the baby that edwards and his mistress rielle hunter, were having. >> the senator made the full pitch not just for me -- he doesn't just have to convince me that i was going to take paternity. he had to convince rielle that she would claim that i had been the father. >> reporter: young and his wife sherri spoke exclusively to abc's bob woodruff about young's upcoming book in which he says edwards asked him to take a fake paternity test. >> a fake one. get a doctor t fake the dna results and he asked me and sherri to steal a diaper from the baby so that he could secretly do a dna test to find out if it was indeed his child. >> reporter: young says he ignored the request. we went back to him today in light of edwards' new statement, which says, in part, "it was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter, and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me." >
of cyber attacks and government censorship there. >>> and there are some encouraging signs that america's exploding obesity epidemic might be leveling off. new numbers today from the cdc show the rate of obesity stabilizing. 34% of adults and 17% of children considered obese. one health expert says while the finding is good news, the statistics are still staggering. >>> still ahead, generous americans quick to respond to the earthquake in haiti. pain that was a complete mytery to me. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia muscle pain and then he recommnded lyrica., fibromyalgia is thought to be he result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. and with less pain, i can do more uring my day. how sweet is that? lyrica is not for everyone. tell you doctor about any serius allergic reaction, that causes swelling or #affects breathing or skin, or changes eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of p
are on their way to america's airports, which raises again the lingering question. is the radiation they use like an unnecessary x-ray for beleaguered passengers? we asked lisa stark to chekt out the facts. >> reporter: most of the scaners about to be deployed in the u.s. use x-rays to look for objects hidden under clothes. exposure to x-rays, to radiation, can increase the risk of cancer. but the machines manufacturers, and an independent study, say the scanners pose little risk. >> it's 100% safe for pregnant women, the elderly, small children, my own children have gone through this. >> reporter: with security machines, unlike medical x-rays, most of the radiation dugz not enter the body, but bounces off the skin's surface. and the dose is 2,000 times less than a chest x-ray and 200,000 times less than a c.a.t. scan. one scientist, however, urges caution. >> children in general are more sensitive to radiation than adults, and the developing embryo in fetus in a pregnant person are the most sensitive of all. >> reporter: brunner suggests pregnant women avoid the machines, though the government i
increases. the actions are necessary after customers don't pay back loans. bank of america says they are not racing rates unless the account is late on two or more payments. they said that customers are getting fair warning. >> customers must get a 45 day advance notice to have the option to decline the interest rate increase. >> reporter: if they decline it, in many cases, there have been dumped. >> people can vote with their feet and move to a competitor. >> reporter: we went to a bank that charges a dollar for a monthly statement. and they said they have to charge for it because it's longer. and they said if we forego the paper statements, they are helping the environment too. >> plant friendly then. thanks to you, david. >>> coming up, children are autism. actress and mother jenmy mccarthy fighting back again. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. ( crowd roars ) ! that's a great call. one a day men's. e if i can tell you something about osteoporosis you d
constituents is this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america. >> reporter: republicans pushed back on the notion they're a party of no ideas. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for acknowledging that we have ideas. >> reporter: towards the end of what at times seemed like group therapy, a question about the budget. >> will that new budget, like your old budget, triple the national debt -- >> reporter: it clearly annoyed the president who handed out $8 trillion of debt was handed to him by bush. >> -- bipartisan work we're going to do because the whole question was structured as a talking point for running a campaign. >> reporter: did today's event clear the air? reactions were mixed. republican congresswoman virginia foxx tweeted, president gave us another lecture. our guys asked great questions. others were happy for the outreach. >> it's unprecedented in my 26 years. it's a little bit like a first date. both are anticipated. they both have friended that didn't want him to do it. >> reporter: the president and the white house obviously feel good the ex
of the union and "world news." go back to sleep america. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% -
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)